Wytheville's Smallest Church

One of America's Smallest Churches
Dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ


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     Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for visiting with us and studying about the Mission of Wytheville's Smallest Church.

     Our vision began August 2009 as a business trip turned to a very personal vision.  In a small town in Georgia, a sign along the interstate marked "America's Smallest Church"-next exit.

     With a minimal amount of time to spend, I left the mainway to observe this suggestion.  To this day, it is ever so clear how the Lord spoke in such a mighty way, creating a vision of what was soon to be.

     As I entered this small building, in Georgia, the presence of the Holy Spirit immediately took hold and breathed a time of Peace into my heart and mind.  No human was there to persuade me nor ask for what I might add.  It was simply a place to be quiet and see how the Holy Spirit would move. Notebooks filled with signatures of folks that had opened the door of this Holy place.  Some of the most sincere prayer requests I have ever read.  Pictures of young/old, in Honor and in Memory, these folks had found a place of solice.  A single light shining down on a beautiful stain glass image of our Christ with the statement, "COME UNTO ME", I will never forget.

     I left this Holy Ground that day, my mind filled with gratitude for what some one, some time, some way, had moved on a Mission to complete.

     Within a day, I knew I must return on my way back through for I knew in my Heart what would soon take place.  I returned to take picture after picture to show our small Outreach group of what the future should hold for us.  With immediate excitement, our minds were set and the venture began.

     We had meeting after meeting, beginning the process of planning and designing our own version of "America's Smallest Church' in Wytheville VA.  Immediately we set a goal of completion to be the week of Christmas 2010.  It was amazing to see how God worked in so many individual lives to build this structure.  Ideas, visions, monies, hard work, opinions, materials and lunches brought many to the field that would claim this spot as Holy Ground.

     The ground was broken on God given land from one of his children, Labor Day weekend, September of 2010.  Weekdays, weekends, evenings and some late nights were soon to fill as we moved on up to the final objective.  A brotherhood/sisterhood was soon to be formed that no one would have imagined.  Friendships were created that will forever unfold, knowing each person was there for the Lord and "self" was left at home.

     Our door was opened December 20,2010, that each and all may enter at will to spend time with the Mighty King.  Many have claimed that the Lord led them to this place, to find his Peace, Grace, and Mercy.

      Please visit often and as much as you can, for this place is for each and every one that might choose Wytheville's Smallest Church.

             THE OUTREACH TEAM